Your First Office Visit


This is the time for you to discuss any problems you are experiencing and what you hope to attain through treatment. We must also learn your health history, to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for surgery. Treatment is always tailored to your specific diagnosis, so a thorough examination is needed prior to any detailed discussion about surgery. A complete evaluation also includes examination of records, including standardized diagnostic x-rays. In most cases your dentist will require these records as well. Record sharing reduces expenses and avoids unnecessary radiation. If available, we ask that you obtain them prior to your consultation. Afterward, the records must be returned as soon as possible, so that the orthodontist will have them available when discussing the case with us. A detailed written surgical treatment plan will be provided to your dentist once the consultation has been completed.

We begin your first office visit by discussing the problems or issues that you are experiencing and what you hope to attain through treatment. We will then review your health history to make sure that any plan is appropriate and safe. Information is then gathered by reviewing studies, reports, recommendations, and current diagnostic x-rays. Your dentist will usually have obtained the necessary studies, such as the small dental x-rays or a panoramic radiograph of your jaws and teeth. If available, we would like to have these records present for your first office visit. We will return your records with a report to your referring dentist upon completion of your treatment. Record sharing reduces expenses and avoids unnecessary radiation. If necessary, we can take our own x-rays or make referrals.

You will then be carefully, gently, and appropriately examined. This may also include an oral cancer screening. If no further information is needed, we will then discuss with you our findings and all your treatment options, treatment risks, and benefits to treatment. The final treatment plan is always YOUR decision.

Realistically, finances are often a factor in choosing a treatment plan. While payment for our treatment and services is ultimately your responsibility, your insurance may cover at least a portion of the fee. To the best of our ability, we will assist you in determining what your insurance benefits might be. If the treatment is to be rendered soon, we can give you our "best guess" utilizing your information and our past experience. Another option after your consultation is for us to submit to your insurance company for a pre-determination of benefits. The response often takes weeks or months.

For your first appointment, please bring:

  1. Any health information, including a list of ALL medications taken
  2. Written medical clearance and M.D. recommendations if necessary
  3. A signed referral from your dentist including what is to be done
  4. Any X-Rays or studies
  5. All current insurance information
  6. Minors with legal guardians need to be present.


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